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Clean Water Sustains our Health, Ecosystems and Economics

Doctors recommend the best ways to care for yourself is to drink a lot of water, exercise, and sleep better. Florida’s water quality has been top of mind in the last two years. What happens when water quality affects our ecosystem and way of life?

Do you know what could be in your water?
Arsenic, Bacteria, Chlorine, Chloramines, Chromium 6, Fluoride, Lead, Microbes, Pharmaceuticals, and Radon.

According to the CCD, “Chloraminesare a group of chemical compounds that contain chlorine and ammonia. The particular type of chloramine used in drinking water disinfection is called monochloramine. Monochloramine is mixed into water in levels that kill germs but are still safe to drink.” Learn more

Drinking water reports:

Find data about your public water system including information about system characteristics, sampling data, violations and enforcement

These reports are publically available and show transparency on water quality from facilities across the county and their treatment of water. This is information readily available. The public gets notified when the health department issues a warning or deems severe enough to issue a public advisory.

Your first line of defense is to have the water tested in your home. You can purchase a water testing kit from Amazon and do it yourself or call a local professional.

Next thing you can do as your own line of defense is to install a filtration system at the main water line. This can help to remove any minerals or chlorine. Now finding the right filter is difficult because you could start with good intentions and then cause more hard than good by choosing a system that creates a breeding ground for bacteria and other growth. Worse yet you will spend lots of money on other types of solutions like conditioners and softeners that do not solve the issues with our water quality.

Enforcement of drinking water laws have been relaxing over the years and the Flint issues are evidence that agencies do not have the infrastructure to always provide safe drinking water.

  • Keep informed of water quality reports is a great way to prevent further health issues.
  • Purchase a filter that removed the most sediments and minerals.
  • Replace bottled water usage.
  • Test the water in your home.

NOAA says, “There are things you can do to prevent degradation to sanctuary waters, such as supporting and participating in advanced wastewater treatment programs that remove unwanted nutrients and harmful bacteria, using “pump-out” stations for your vessel’s sanitation device, using as many “green” products as possible at home, and reducing or eliminating the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.”

Groups Tackling Water Quality issues:

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