Cleaning while singing with your broom

Spring Cleaning

Naturally, the first day of spring would spark your interest to begin your spring cleaning sprint or schedule it at the very least. Gather your supplies and family, make it a family affair. It’s so much more fun when you have others to help. Even the wee little ones can help or enlist others in the family to help with cleaning and organizing or even hire a service to help if your time is limited.

Martha Stewart has a great printable checklist that you can have at hand for your cleaning marathon.

Cleaning with your little ones show them how to care for their home and then cleaning with minimal chemicals shows them to care for their environment also.

If your time is limited, consider hiring a professional to help with a deep cleaning that you can later maintain. Hiring a maid service to help you clean is often all about your comfort level in giving up the cleaning and having someone else in your home to clean for you. Start with a referral. Then consult with the service to make sure you are able to ask initial questions prior to the service coming to your home.

Cleaning your home can be tough but you can make it less arduous by planning out your day and working with the members of your household to get the tasks that need to get done. Also, a little music goes a long way. Play your favorite tunes and rock out with your broom out. Make it part of a work out routine. Stretch, make big circles when cleaning the mirror, and tighten your abs. You will now kill two birds with one stone. The other energy zapper is the harmful chemicals. Have you ever cleaned all day only to find you have a stuffy noise or you start wheezing.

Cleaning with harmful chemicals is not only bad for the environment but it also can cause havoc on your health. Causing issues like allergic reactions, respiratory issues and other underlying health issues. You can use products or food items in your home right now to clean. Three of the items I can think of right now are: lemon, vinegar and baking soda.

One of the safest ingredients one can use is vinegar. Vinegar has been used throughout the time to clean just about anything: windows, sinks, cabinets, floors, kittle, drains, etc. Together baking soda and vinegar can make just about anything squeaky-clean. Lemon can help disinfect and is used to clean from microwaves to sinks.