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What makes your business unique?

The way you send out your message regarding what makes your business unique is important. The unique qualities of your business make it marketable. There is a big movement for the consumers to reach outside of the boxed constraints of traditional products your parents used and it is changing how to market your business.

Procter & Gamble is seeing losses in diaper and shave products because consumers are trying new products. While price is the biggest catalyst in this change, it is not the only reason people are moving to other types of unique products. Price has always been an issue when it comes to how the post-2008 consumer have used the internet to find cheaper products and home delivery sites like Amazon to get everyday house hold items.

Not only are price conscious consumers using the internet to buy products that they bought at the stores but we are seeing consumers that are choosing companies that have a more environmentally conscious approach to how they do business. They are flocking to companies that are seeking ways to reduce packaging and using alternative materials.

Paying for products has also changed and payment methods are as diverse as the population. There is a multitude of ways to pay for products like via cash, credit, apple pay, Zelle, Paypal, etc.

Are you paving the way to a new way of doing business? What makes your business unique?

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